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Power converters

€190.00 BRUTTO

Converter 13VDC/3x36VAC-400Hz for powering artificial horizons

Technical data:
Dimensions: 90x35x110mm + mounting base>
Weight: 25dkg
- Supply voltage: 12 to 15VDC
- Current drawn from the aircraft's network in idle state (without connecting the horizon): approx. 250mA
- The current drawn from the aircraft's network during normal operation with the LUN 1202 artificial horizon: approx. 1.5A
- Current drawn from the airplane grid during start-up: max. 3A
- Generated voltage: 3x36VAC ± 10%
Frequency: 400Hz
- Normal output current: 0.4A
Maximum output current: 0.6A
- Power: 25VA

The converter is a device that generates three-phase alternating current with a phase-to-phase voltage of 36VAC and a frequency of 400Hz. The converter is used to supply artificial horizons such as LUN 1202, AGK-47, AGK-47b and others operating under voltage of 3x36VAC. The converter requires a supply voltage in the range of 12 to 15VDC, e.g. 12V from the aircraft's mains.