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Power converters

€190.00 BRUTTO

Converter 13VDC / 26VDC for powering 26 VDC aviation instruments from a 13 VDC network

Technical data:
- Dimensions: 90x35x110mm + mounting base
- Weight: 25dkg
- Supply voltage: 12 to 15VAC
- Current drawn from the aircraft's grid when idle: approx. 200mA
- The current drawn from the aircraft's grid when the current is taken from the output of 1A: 2.2A
- Generated voltage: 24 - 28VDC
- Normal output current: 1A
- Maximum output current: 2A
- Power: 50VA

The converter is a device that generates 26V DC from 13V DC. The converter is used to supply electrical devices and instruments that require 26V in 13V aircraft electrical networks. Particularly suitable for powering turn indicators, VMS engine controllers, fuel gauges and other aviation on-board instruments supplied with a voltage of 26 V. The converter requires a supply voltage in the range of 12 to 15 VAC. The maximum current that can be drawn from the inverter is 2A. For example: a three-hand motor controller takes 0.3A; two pointer LUN-1605 fuel gauge takes 0.2A; four-hand LUN-1639 - 0.4A; LUN-1213 turnometer takes 0.13A.