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Last update 2015-09-28

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A few words for a beggining...

The company was created in 1996. Since the begining it is set on general aviation service as far as electric, radio equipment and flight instruments are concerned.We make radio-electric insalations for "3Xtrim" airplane by "3Xtrim" Aircraft Factory, G-3 "Mirage" by Remos, prototype of "Bielik" airplane ( jet training plane), prototype of "Orka" (four seats, two engines "air-taxi"), historical polish airplane RWD-5, Sky-Arrow, Bücker Jungman (historical german aerobatic airplane), glider PW-5 and many others.We offer you wide spectrum of services, and also many interesting devices useful in general aviation. Our personnel is skilled and has practised for many years in polish and foreign aviation companies. 

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Last updated products:

Intercom device IC-15

Case for headset plugs

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The IC-15 Intercom is a devive designed inside conversation between pilot end co-pilot. Intercom is a voice actuated (VOX system). IC-15 to by equipped Volume, and SQ po...More>>

The presented case allows for installation of head-set jacks so, to have the headset plugs parallel to cockpit wall. This is particularly useful on aircrafts where the so...More>>