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Transponder antenna

Aircraft antenna

Glider antenna AL-1

Stall warning system SP-3

Glider antenna AL-1

Technical data: (for a standard model)

- Frequency range: 118,0-135,95MHz

- Resonans at frequency: 125-126MHz

- Weight: 430g (with conductor)

- Dimensions:

    Height: 1050mm

    Tubbing width: 16mm

    Conector width: max. 19mm

    Conductor lenght: 7m (counting from antenna base)

Installation conditions: Antenna should not be installed adjacent to metal elements, or inside tailplane with carbon skin. Antenna should be installed vertically, with deviation not exceeding 30°

Antenna is designated for installation in vertical tailplanes of airplanes and gliders, inside the structure. It is composed of two pipes, one of these is an element of antenna, the other one is an earth screen.The insulator separates both pipes from each other. Antenna doesn't need any additional counterpoise. There is a possibility of carrying out some extraordynary antennas, which can obtain the resonance in 122MHz frequency band - that kind of antenna is about 80mm longer than usual. Antenna's conductor lenght can be adapted to specific aircraft - minimum lenght has to be defined in your order.

Note: JKA reserves the right to implement technical improvements to this device without any previous notice.

Id Number: N108 :: Price: 61.00 Euro netto

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