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products >> Converters for artificial horizons power supply

Converter 14VDC/3x36VAC 400Hz

Converter 14/28V

Converter 14/28V

Technical data:

- Dimensions: 90x35x110mm + mounting base

- Weight: 25dkg


- Supply voltage: 12 through 15VAC

- No-load current input: ca. 200mA

- Current input under 1A output current condition.


- Generated voltage: 24-28VDC

- Maximum output current: 1,5A

- Power: 28VA

-Technical manual(58KB)

Converter is a device generating direct current of 28V voltage, basing on the 14V direct current. Converter is used for supply of electrical equipment and instruments, for which a 28V supply is necessary in the aircraft 12V electrical systems. Specially suitable for supply of turn-indicator, engine UKZ controller, fuel indicator and other aircraft board instruments supplied with 28V. Converter requires supply in the range 12through 15VAC. Maximum current available from converter is 1,5A. For example: the 3-pointer engine controller takes 0.3A, the LUN-1605 2-pointer fuel indicator - 0.2A, the 4-pointer LUN-1639 – 0.4A, and the LUN-1213 turn-indicator – 0.13A.

Note: JKA reserves the right to implement technical improvements to this device without any previous notice.

Id Number: P114 :: Price: 140.00 Euro netto

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