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IC-15 OK. 3.1

IC-15 OK. 3.2

IC-15 OK. 3.3

IC-15 OK. 3.P

Connector card

IC-15 OK. 4

IC-15 OK. 5

IC-15 OK. 5

The avionic wiring and accessories/equipment are planned for the construction of systems adopted to the specific equipment and preferences of the operator/ aircraft constructor. Thanks to the application of wiring and accessories, the installer? role is limited to connection between elements- and to power source. The details are designed so that these match with each other, and are electrically compatible. Thanks to application of ready made details, the installation time, thus also a cost, has been reduced significantly. All components are precisely described, and accompanied with necessary schemes, reducing the demand for installer know-how, indispensable in the construction of the wiring on your own. For installation work, the rudimentary tooling is sufficient, no need for soldering, cable training or terminal installation. Simply provide the connection between components-, and to power source.

It is intended for connection between IC-15 intercom and the BECKER AR-4201 transceiver. The wiring is equipped with the P-07 connector for attachment of the connector card or for the direct connection of the headphone sockets and PTT buttons. In assembly with the IC-15 OK. 3 wiring and with connector card, it constitutes the avionics complete electrical system, which will become operational immediately after interconnection between components and connection to power source.

Note: JKA reserves the right to implement technical improvements to this device without any previous notice.

Id Number: D108 :: Price: 82.00 Euro netto

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