Avionic Service

ul. Żywiecka 93, 43-365 Wilkowice

mobile: +48 602115841

e-mail: biuro@olk.com.pl


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Last update 2015-09-28

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Ordering Conditions:

Note: We add 23% VAT. To avoid paying VAT please provide us with the information on your

company's name and your VAT number.

We make an effort to have our products in stock, however they are often custom-built on customers' request.

You can order it by:

How long you will wait for delivery?:

  • It will be specified after receiving your order

Costs of spedition: (it has to be added to device's price):

We usually send parcels by courier service, other ways of shipment are also possible if clearly indicated

by the customer.

  • On the terrytory of EU: 45 Euro
  • On the terrytory of USA and Canada: 65 Euro

To get more information about our products call us: + 48 602115841 or send an e-mail >>